ConductorPro Command Lists (Conductor 2.0.5058 or newer required)

Grab easy to use drag and drop ConductorPro command lists for any or all of the following Weigl WEM | Script Ascii Commands. Check back often, these change frequently:

  • Change Commands
  • Configurator Commands
  • Device Commands
  • Display Commands
  • Execute Commands (Show Playback Triggers)
  • Get Commands (Status Commands)
  • Input Commands
  • Loop Run Commands
  • Mask Commands (Turn off or block a command)
  • Network Commands
  • Play Soundtrack Commands (Use audio card as a repeater)
  • RTCC Operations (set the clock, adjust the clock)
  • Run Commands (Basic Show Commands)
  • Set Commands (Direct Output Controls)
  • SMPTE TimeCode Controls
  • Variable Commands

Use just one, or grab them all! Please ensure you have ConductorPro 2.0.5058 or newer to use these command lists: 

ConductorPro Command Lists