ConductorPro Command Lists (Conductor 2.0.5058 or newer required)

Grab ease to use drag and drop ConductorPro command lists for any or all of the following Weigl Ascii Commands. Check back often, these change frequently:

  • Change Commands
  • Configurator Commands
  • Device Commands
  • Display Commands
  • Execute Commands (Show Playback Triggers)
  • Get Commands (Status Commands)
  • Input Commands
  • Loop Run Commands
  • Mask Commands (Turn off or block a command)
  • Network Commands
  • Play Soundtrack Commands (Use audio card as a repeater)
  • RTCC Operations (set the clock, adjust the clock)
  • Run Commands (Basic Show Commands)
  • Set Commands (Direct Output Controls)
  • SMPTE TimeCode Controls
  • Variable Commands

Use just one, or grab them all! Please ensure you have ConductorPro 2.0.5058 or newer to use these command lists: 

ConductorPro Command Lists