ConductorPro™ 2.0 -  Animation QuickStart Overview

This 20-minute overview video covers essentials required to setup a Weigl or ArtNet device for real-time capture or recording, editing and optimization and export to a ProCommander® device. Each of the core training topics are explored briefly, in the specific context of basic animation/animatronic and lighting shows. Designed to get a show out the door quickly, or for those unfamiliar with ConductorPro, high level step by step procedures are covered. 

Watch first:

Weigl Device Configuration & Setup (Mac & PC)

Watch next: 

Offline Editing, Curve Data & Pin Groups

Audio Editing, Mixing and Muxing

Deployment & Asset Management 

Advanced/Breakout topics: 

Full ConductorPro 2.0 Training

Learn how to quickly setup your Weigl hardware device to ConductorPro and start programming your show. Learn things such as: 

  • Digital output record and editing
  • Analog output record and editing
  • Setup of Weigl devices within ConductorPro
  • Export to the microSD card
  • Color channel RGB DMX programming
  • General audio editing and handling

Please see other videos for module specific information. This guide is intended for Quickstart animation programming in 2.0.5058