The Control.ini file is an easy way to assign different trigger events to the ProCommander® Series without any special show programming.

A level change of a remote input, DMX input, infrared input, real time clock and SMPTE or variable is considered as a trigger event.

If the device has resources to procress the commands, all functions of the ASCII-Commands are available. They have to follow instantly the trigger event. Further commands have to start with the "!" exclamation mark. After the last command a "#" hash tag has to be placed.

The total number of characters of a command line must not exceed 150 characters.

The Control.ini file can be created with any text editor. After completion, it should be copied into the main directory (root directory) of a memory card.




During execution there is no complex syntax check. Therefore, the programmer is responsible for correct command syntax.


Each command line of the Control.ini must always start with the definition of a trigger event.

As a start condition either an "!i: Input event", "!t: Time event", "!rc: Real time clock event", "!v: Variable event", "!d: DMX event" or "!k: Infrared event" can be used.




After each "#"-character a new command line have to be begun!

Before you edit your Control.ini., please update always your WEIGL device first with the latest firmware version. In this way you ensure that your device is able to interpret the latest ASCII commands properly.