Weigl Device Configuration & Hardware Configurator (PC)

Weigl hardware device setup and configuration utility: Weigl provides full setup, diagnostic and debug utilities cross platform and free of charge with Weigl Hardware Configurator. This tutorial explores setup of a new or existing Weigl device from any Mac or PC. We recommend this video as your starting point with the Weigl ecosystem.

Includes examples on the following: 

  • Setup of ProCommander® and Pro I/O Devices for PC. 
  • Driver location and setup.
  • Network firmware upload. 
  • Test and Adjust Procedure independent of timeline creation software. 
  • Overall Weigl best practices. 

Additional Information/resources: 

Wiring Diagram - ProCommander® Series

ProCommander® 2/3 Manual

Pro I/O Manual

Timeline software programming utilities: 


VenueMagic SC+ ® 3.0

Download Weigl Hardware Configurator: 

Weigl Hardware Configurator (PC)