The project consists of two shows. 

The first show consists of an audio file and controls four analog, eight PWM and 512 DMX channels. The show should fade out smoothly, if the second switch is triggered. The audio should fade out within two, the analog and PWM channels within five and the DMX channels within ten seconds. Therefore the following commands have to be included in the command channel in the second show.

At time zero the command !cfm0<2# (The volume of the audio fades within two seconds to 0) has to be included. 

At time two seconds the command !rse1# has to be included, that the first show stops and don't interfere with the following commands.

Shortly after two seconds the commands !efl1_4%0<5# (Fade analog channel 1 to 4 within five seconds to 0), !epf1_8%0<5# (Fade PWM channel 1 to 8 within five seconds to 0) and !edf1_512:0<10# (Fade DMX channel 1 to 512 within 10 seconds to 0) have to be included.

After 12 seconds the new audio file and the new values of DMX, analog and PWM channels can be adjusted as needed to start a new show.

The content of the Control.ini file looks like this:



1st line: If input 1 is closed (!i1c), then show 1 is started in normal mode (!rsn1#).

2nd line: If input 2 is closed (!i2c), then show 2 is started in add mode (!rsa2). Because of the commands within the show the first show will be faded out smoothly.