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WEMScript™ ASCII-Command List


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WEMScript™ ASCII-Command List

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WEMScript™ ASCII-Command List - Visual Studio Extension

The WEMScript™ language is a powerful way of interacting with show data generated from Showforge™ or ConductorPro™ or VenueMagic®, while allowing complete logic routines to remain isolated from these creative elements.  Use these commands to craft a unique interactive show start method, or write an entire game logic system to directly control our hardware. 

Control.ini code can be visually written inside show creation software such as Conductor or Showforge: 

Or it can be written in any text editor, preferably through our extension for Visual Code Studio (free). When using Visual Code Studio and the related extension for WEMScript, code can be rapidly completed and checked for correct syntax: 

Get started quickly with these case studies, tutorials and reference sheets. 

Case studies of Control.ini files:

  1. The first show runs in a loop and is interrupted by the second show every 45 minutes
  2. Three shows alternate in an interval of 90 minutes between 8 a.m. in the morning till 2 a.m. in the night
  3. Three switches trigger three shows
  4. Six different areas have to be filled with four different recorded voice sounds
  5. Three shows are controlled via three DMX channels
  6. External control of a VU-meter display
  7. Automatic restart of the same show after power failure
  8. The first show should fade out, if the second switch is triggered
  9. One pushbutton controls five shows
  10. One pushbutton controls seven shows
  11. The volume of one show is controlled by two pushbuttons
  12. The volume of one show is controlled by one pushbutton

Weigl ASCII protocol and all information listed here copyright 2013-2019 Weigl GMBH & Co KG and Weigl Works,LLC. All rights reserved. 

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