The project consists of two show files. 

The first show (001_SHOW.WM1) runs in a loop and is interrupted every 45 minutes by the second show (002_SHOW.WM1). After the second show ends, the first show restarts. This will be repeated till, the device is turned off or the card is removed.

The content of the Control.ini file looks like this:




1st line: At time 00:00, right after power up of the device or the insertion of the memory card, the first show (001_SHOW.WM1) will be started in loop mode.

2nd line: Because the command (!t&45:00#) is already true at power up or the insertion of the card, a variable !vmc1=1# need to be included in show 1. So every 45 minutes, this variable will be checked, if the value is 1 (!vcc1=1). If the condition is true, the second show will be started in terminate mode, i.e. all other shows will be stopped. In this example the loop of show 1 is interrupted. With a !rsa1# command at the end of the second show, the first show starts again.