Download ProCommander® 2 Firmware Update *


Please note to check settings before connecting devices, after the update.


Network updates through Configurator or Conductor should always be attempted prior to USB firmware procedures.
Only upon hard stop failure (no display on the screen) should USB be required. This is considered an advanced procedure.
Please make certain to watch the tutorials on this page for Weigl Hardware Configurator prior to performing any upgrades and always use proper data integrity procedures.


Only if your units are inoperable and not visible to the network; USB DFU restore instructions are located here: Please note, install FlipInstaller first and follow:
Instructions for USB - driver installation and Firmware Update 


Please note, if your are using Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 as your operating system, you need to update your system, before you are able to run an USB Update on your device. Please download the correct update for your system.

Find further helpful information here:

ProCommander® 3 Instruction Manual *


Download the latest Menu Plan

ProCommander® 3 Menu Plan *


Download the latest Wiring Diagram

ProCommander® 3 Wiring Diagram *


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