WEIGL Hardware Configurator V1.23 (PC) - Stable release 

WEIGL Hardware Configurator V1.24 Beta 9 - Required for X-Series devices

WEIGL Hardware Configurator - (MAC OSX)

Version V1.23+ adds:

  • Increases servo motor output count to 16.
  • Adds official support for Pro I/O™ CAN and Pro I/O™ Servo 16.
  • Adds official support for ProCommander®  3, ProCommander® PHX 2 and ProCommander® LX 2.
  • Adds maximum motor support protocol for digital motor control.
  • Adds official invert support for servos and analogs with status feedback. 
  • Adds official (hidden/advanced API) for servo pulse length modifications in conjunction with Min/Max (HiTec servos).
  • Adds support for all known Robotis Dynamixel 2.0 RS-485 and Dynamixel Pro servo modules.
  • Adds support for CSV settings push from Microsoft Excel template for all products. Template available here: Weigl Device Configuration Template

Version V1.24 adds: 

  • ProCommander X-Series device support.
  • ProCommander X-Series firmware update and emergency recovery procedures.
  • General stability and support features.
  • Improvements to RS-232 connections. 
  • Adds additional Weigl Digital Motor Driver Library Support. 

This version includes also support for the following:

  • Named Variables - Including remote network management and editing.
  • Read/Write/Edit of Control.ini files over the network (All Gen.2 or newer devices). 
  • Save Control.ini files as local text files.
  • Full Network deployment and card management tools.
  • 250 Variable Display - Including HEX/ASCII toggle mode for special applications.
  • MAC address configuration mode. Allows remote "force set," of IP and Subnet via the MAC address of the device, preventing previous IP address change or USB connection to set initial configuration. 
  • General stability improvements.
  • Removal of broadcast messaging and addition of network adapter selection/tunnel ability. 

Please visit our support site for more information and training on this application.

NEW Features Firmware > 2.53 & Configurator 1.18: