Conductor timeline software is available for download below. Your dongle's service period must include the date listed in parentheses to run that version number. Older versions are listed for up to 24 months previous. Please contact us if you need a copy of an older version beyond this, as your dongle will continue to work even without maintenance/upgrades for the version inclusive of the date listed. 

Without a dongle, you may run any version without the ability to save or export.

Download via Dropbox** (US):

Conductor_2.0_5859 (January 2020)

Conductor_2.0_5841 (December 2019)
Conductor_2.0_5800 (November 2019)
Conductor_2.0_5773 (October 2019)
Conductor_2.0_5746 (September 2019)
Conductor_2.0_5731 (August 2019)
Conductor_2.0_5723 (July 2019)
Conductor_2.0_5714 (June 2019)
Conductor_2.0_5712 (May 2019)
Conductor_2.0_5704 (April 2019)
Conductor_2.0_5701 (February/ March 2019)
Conductor_2.0_5697 (January 2019)
Conductor_2.0_5695 (December 2018)
Conductor_2.0_5583 (September 2018)
Conductor_2.0_5544 (August 2018)
Conductor_2.0_5507 (July 2018)
Conductor_2.0_5466 (June 2018)
Conductor_2.0_5311 (March 2018)
Conductor_2.0_5300 (February 2018)
Conductor_2.0_5268 (December 2017)

ProCommander® VX Template
ProCommander® AX Template
ProCommander® 2/ 3 Template
ProCommander® ES Template
ProCommander® LX 1/ 2 Template
ProCommander® PHX 1/ 2 Template
ProCommander® LTC Template
Pro I/O™ Analog 8 Template
Pro I/O™ Digital 32 NPN/ PNP/ DB37 Template
Pro I/O™ DMX-512 Template
Pro I/O™ Relay 8 Template
Pro I/O™ Servo 16 Template
PrismTag™ Target-ID 1-48 Template
ProCommander® & WEMLink™ EtherCAT Template
ProCommander® 32 Analog Channels Template


Editions for ProCommander® SeriesFull Show Control and Creation

ConductorPro 2.0Conductor
Max. ProCommander® per showfile:111unlimited
max. Pro I/O Modules as ProCommander® slaves per showfile:01032unlimited
max. standalone Pro I/O Modules per showfile:005unlimited
DMX recording:-
DMX output:1 Universe1 Universe5 Universeunlimited
ArtNet recording:-
ArtNet devices in Conductor:---
Supported audio formats for export to flash card:OGGOGG, MP3, WAVAAC, OGG, MP3, WAVAAC, OGG, MP3, WAV
max. number of shows per export to flash card:5unlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Input controller for programing:Keyboard and mouse only
C# script channels, custom plugins:--
Import and export csv files, import open-hex files:--
Sync to external timecode (Possible inputs: ProCommander®, LTC Reader on computer, Playmaker on Video Server):-ProCommander® onlyProCommander® only
Remote control of Conductor through UDP commands:---
Saving enabled:
1 year subscription for software updates*:


- = not included

 = enabled

* the service period renewal – including all new featues and updates – can be purchased annually, so your Conductor software is always up to date.

If you run Conductor for the first time, please follow the next steps:

Conductor runs on Microsoft Windows Version 7 or higher.

Please note that you need to install these software packages:

If you are having troubles loading videos into Conductor, try installing the Haali Matroska Splitter.

Please work through the tutorials and the manual to learn how to use Conductor.

** More information on hosting services.