This case study video focuses on configuring a ProCommander LX combined with multiple Pro VP™ units for use in an interactive application. Sample media for the Pro VP™, as well as Conductor show templates are provided at the link below to allow you to follow along or use in your projects. 

Topics covered include:

• Configuring the Pro VP™ for network integration, and independent, dual HDMI player output

• Triggering the Pro VP™ via UDP commands from a ProCommander® via Conductor

• Connecting and configuring all equipment for the particular application

• Basic pushbutton triggering functionality

Download supporting templates and media files here.


Items Utilized in Case Study:

  • ProCommander® LX
  • Pro VP™
  • Two video monitors
  • Network switch
  • Pushbuttons
  • Conductor software
  • Provided media and templates (see link above)


Knowledge Level: 

  • Basic
  • Intermediate