NEW! Advanced data point manipulation in Showforge 1.2.1 + !! 

Learn how to edit both envelope and point level data within the Showforge timeline. Rapidly modify data in time, draw new data, or point edit as required. Tighten up recorded show elements or create new with these helpful tips and tricks. 

Topics covered: 

1). Envelope workflow for fast data and time editing. 

2). Drawing tools for creation and editing. 

3). iOS sidecar pencil drawing tools. 

4). Point editing and manipulation.


  • Familiarity with Weigl hardware 
  • Configurator for MacOS
  • Connection from Showforge™ or configurator via network to Weigl hardware or stand alone Art-Net devices
  • Requires Showforge 1.2.1 or newer

Knowledge Level: 

  • Basic (envelopes only)
  • Intermediate (drawing and iPad data use)
  • Advanced (point editing)