Showforge™ - Advanced Lighting Workflow

Record from lighting consoles, edit batch data and create advanced lighting projects from within Showforge. This video builds on the Basic Lighting Control video as well as core function topics from Showforge and Weigl training. Topics covered: 

1). Art-Net recording from a lighting console 

2). Editing recorded console data 

3). Creating advanced lighting projects from joystick/MIDI/keyboard input 

4). Deployment to Weigl devices for Art-Net/sACN output 

5). Local Art-Net network output 

6). Transition data from recorded or live input data 

**Deployment, Art-Net and sACN are repeated from Basic Lighting video**


  • Familiarity with Weigl hardware 
  • Configurator for MacOS
  • Connection from Showforge™ or configurator via network to Weigl hardware or stand alone ArtNet devices

Knowledge Level: 

  • Intermediate
  • Advanced