Weigl-Dynamixel General Quickstart Guide - X Series for Windows (PC) (Dropbox-US)


This document serves as a guide for the basic configuration procedures required for integration of DYNAMIXEL X-Series actuators with the Weigl ProCommander® AX and Conductor timeline-based show creation software via the Windows platform. These instructions particularly pertain to animatronic actuation and show creation/deployment with a focus on quickly getting DYNAMIXEL X-Series actuators up and running on your Conductor and Weigl system, with the least amount of configuration where applicable.

It should be noted the general process outlined here would apply to other DYNAMIXEL series actuators as well, with the following notes:

• Not all DYNAMIXEL models utilize the same control table. For example, XL430 models and XC430 models belong to X-series, but lack the current-control features and operating modes offered by XM and XH models. Please refer to the appropriate documentation for your model of DYNAMIXEL via the ROBOTIS website emanuals.

• Another series of DYNAMIXEL which has been very popular for SFX/animatronics is the DYNAMIXEL P-series (industrialized models). These actuators have drastically different firmware addresses. Refer to the control table for your model of DYNAMIXEL via the ROBOTIS website emanuals.

While this guide includes all necessary steps, basic knowledge of the Weigl ProCommander® hardware, as well as ConductorPro and Hardware Configurator software are assumed. For more information and support, please refer to additional Weigl and/or ROBOTIS documentation as required.