Download via World4You** (Austria/ Europe):

ShowForge™ for MacOS release version 1.0.2

Download via Dropbox** (US):

ShowForge™ for MacOS release version 1.0.2

  • Includes support for all Weigl devices 
  • Includes show export and upload (non-X-Series devices)
  • Requires dongle for unlocked use. Contact Weigl sales for more information:
  • NEW! Combined slide editing tool for re-position audio and animation data
  • NEW! Mirrored outputs for virtualization and repeat movements/data
  • NEW! Visual device setup and live input log and capture 
  • NEW! Ini show logic builder for fast show exports

This is a version 1 release to support customers in education and those who participated in our beta program. Please contact us for more information regarding this product. Special early release pricing is available through February 15th, 2019.  

Known limitations at this time:

  • Dark mode compatibility (MacOS mojave)
  • Upload to X-series devices 
  • SMPTE jam-sync support 
  • Library & DMX/ArtNet batch record 

** More information on hosting services.