Showforge™ brings native MacOS workflow benefits to lighting and motion control programming. From simple animatronics, to complete shows with lighting and media playback, Showforge™ is built from the ground up for Weigl hardware and based on industry standards for integration with larger systems. 

Showforge™ Download links (for Production USB key versions only): 

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Showforge™ Current Production Version (Catalina & Big Sur) V1.3

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Showforge™ for MacOS Previous release version (Mojave & Catalina) V1.2.6

Showforge™ for MacOS release version 1.2.5

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Stream Deck Profile (See included READ ME file for installation instructions)

Version 1.3 Release Notes:

Bug Fixes:

  • MIDI/USB MIDI device incompatibility resulting in app crash in Big Sur 
  • General Stability 
  • Big Sur/M1 compatibility (via Rosetta 2 for dongle users currently)
  • General improvements to LX audio editing/export

New Features: 

  • Plot view overlay editing of all analog & DMX Tracks 
  • Enhanced point editing in both edit and plot modes, with point alignment and other major improvements.
  • Joystick and MIDI enhancements and new/better device support. 


Version 1.2.6 Release Notes:

Bug Fixes:

  • An app crash during project export related to not having a target ProCommander selected during export.
  • Repeated fast drawing of short straight lines within a track could potentially cause the app to crash.
  • In show configurations which included Pro IOs with a parent ProCommander set, the Pro IOs were not getting included in export data. 

Version 1.2.5 Release Notes:

Bug Fixes:

  •  If a show contained video tracks with no videos, the timeline wouldn’t play and potentially caused the app to crash.
  • Extending the default show length caused a timeline scrolling and playhead display issue.
  • The “Net” drop down menu in the address settings for an ArtNet input on the Input settings tab would not hold any value other than 0 when changed.
  • Outputs were still being sent in Live mode when the Network toggle was set to off. 
  • Naming for new hardware inputs could not be changed once saved. 
  • Connection stability issues when reconnecting saved USB input devices.

Version 1.2.4 Release Notes:

New Features:

  • System-wide stored status of current working mode (Live or Edit Mode views) are now honored upon reopening the application.
  • Scaling of outputs is now possible under the Outputs tab in the Settings window. 
  • An option has been added to the Additional Files portion of the Deployment Options section during export to specify a location target for the additional files to be exported to (root, SHOWS, or AUDIO folder).

Bug Fixes:

  • Butting a video envelope up immediately after another video envelope had the potential of the second video not playing.  
  • Marker commands at 0:00 on timeline were not being sent to connected ProCommander devices during playback of timeline, but were being honored upon exporting.
  • With the “Send Data While Scrubbing” setting enabled, data was not being sent while scrubbing within a track that’s in Touch Mode. 
  • Adding four video tracks to a show was preventing additional video tracks to be added to other shows 
  • Turning on both the “Send data when scrubbing” and “send data when paused” could potential cause an application crash when dragging the playhead.
  • Videos and/or audio envelope media potentially would not display in tracks upon opening a project.
  • With timecode enabled, active play ranges could causes issues when timecode is outside of the play range. 
  • Timescale display of timecode rates was incorrect.
  • Cloning of show timelines was not honoring ProCommander targets for audio tracks.
  • Some OS Finder views were not allowing access to all file directories in the file browser.

Version 1.2.3 Release Notes:

Bug Fixes:

  •  Incorrect representation of checkbox statuses in the Show Details Pane of the Export tab after navigating to other tabs or Export Profiles and then returning.  

Version 1.2.2 Release Notes:

New Features:

  • Up to four video tracks can now be added to a timeline, allowing importing of common Mac OS compatible video formats for reference during show programming. A Video Preview Window can be opened to view four video tracks simultaneously. Basic editing of video envelopes is also possible including splitting, trimming, muting, copying and pasting. 

  • The new Pro VP™ has been added as an available output device, along with menus in the Command Marker Properties pane for automated generation of all common Pro VP™ UDP command triggers. 
  • A test command button has been added to the Command Markers pane for instantly initiating commands for more efficient testing purposes. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Audio tracks with no envelopes caused issues with exporting.
  • Data for mirrored outputs with a different output device than the primary track output was not being exported.
  • Show name changes not immediately refreshing when exiting the Settings window. 
  • Prev/Next Transport markers not functioning when jump markers were active.
  • Zooming in and out was resetting track level output status in track headers to 0.
  • Adjusting the track min value to any value other than 0 was sending the graphic level representation in the envelope to 100%.
  • Entering a minimum value on a track caused points to disappear in Point Editing Mode.
  • When the playhead reached the end of overrun with Timecode Mode active, it repeatd the last few seconds before stopping.
  • Collapsed audio tracks within a timeline (via left track header arrow), were automatically reopening when switching between timelines.

Version 1.2.1 Release Notes: 

  •  Multiple bug fixes related to point editing. 

  • Bug fix related to USB/Bluetooth game controllers in non-catalina OS versions. 

  •  Rollover editing percentage and advanced 'set value,' point functions.

Version 1.2 Release Notes:

New Features:

  • Point Editing Mode - inter-envelope point level data manipulation of analog, digital and DMX tracks. Within this new mode, individual or multiple points can be copied, pasted, moved and new points created by double-clicking.

  • OSC support for workflows requiring external access and HMI support. No external bridge software required. Simply capture and link OSC inputs with the same simplicity as the current MIDI, keyboard and joystick input process within Showforge™. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Potential app crashes related to splitting and trimming envelopes, drawing lines which connect envelopes, adjusting audio track properties during playback and out of play range timecode playback.
  • Potential for copy and paste functions to stop function after pasting groups in the Layout tab.
  • DMX option in the Add Single Output menu was missing for ProCommander® AX.
  • Improvements to file management processes to ensure temporary app support files are deleted after use. 
  • Potential inaccurate screen representation of analog output level lines after splitting envelopes. 

Version 1.1 Release Notes: 

New Features: 

  • Network Adapter - previously located in the project settings pane, this new location provides immediate real time status of the connected and available networks.
  • Groups Pane - a list of track groups and their current mode status, allowing for entire groups to be quickly enabled/disabled and mode status to be changed by clicking on the mode status icon.
  • Play and Record Range Toggle - enable/disable play and record ranges. When disabled, transport markers are active. Upon enabling, transport makers are inactive.
  • Play Range Start Field - displays play range start time.*
  • Play Range End Field - displays play range end time.*
  • Record Range Start Field - displays record range start time.*
  • Record Range End Field - displays record range end time.*
  • Play and Record Range Time Functions Menu - right-clicking on any of the play or record time fields reveals options for locking time, setting time to current playhead position, and resetting range to the full timeline.
  • Output Devices Pane - a list of all project devices and their current connection status. Mirroring the Outputs Tab in Project Settings, this pane offers immediate access to connection status which are as follows: 
    • Green = connected
    • Red = not connected
    • Yellow = connection socket failed
    • Gray = connection unknown (ArtNet and Character View devices currently display as unknown status, with full status functionality available in future releases)
  • Zoom to Play Range and Record Range - two new zoom tools have been added for zooming to play and record ranges.
  • Speed Control - Adjust speed of recording and playback from 0.1 to 2x speed (analog function between steps). Current speed displayed at right of slider.

    All play and record range times can also be adjusted manually by clicking on the respective field and typing in values. These fields are also accessible via keystrokes (See the keyboard shortcuts in the Project Settings pane).

Additional New Features Include:

  • Ability to slide entire play and record ranges along the timeline by clicking and dragging the play or record range bars.
  • Live Track Mode is now possible while the timeline is playing with other tracks in any mode.
  • Additional keyboard shortcuts have been added for the new play and record range functionality.
  • Please Note: Some of the previous default keyboard shortcuts have been revised to better accommodate this new functionality. Refer to the Keyboard Shortcuts in the Project Settings. All keyboard shortcuts are user configurable. 
  • App start up window is now resizable to allow for longer file paths to be displayed in the recent projects pane.

Bug Fixes:

  • Potential app crash when enabling the DMX test slider in the Outputs Tab.
  • Group status at right end of group header was not displaying initially in Edit mode upon opening an existing project.
  • Duplicated timelines could potentially have missing ArtNet values during exporting.
  • Several drawing issues related to envelopes with trimmed edges.
  • A track in latch mode would continue recording outside of the record range.
  • While in Touch mode, a track’s output percentage reflected stored data, rather than the actual new data being ingested during record.
  • Playhead triangle could become separated from its vertical line in some instances of zooming and exiting the Project Settings window.
  • Track Status Off Mode disappearing in Edit Mode.
  • Potential “Missing dongle” message when launching Showforge directly from a project.
  • Bodnar Joystick Board inputs 7 and 8 failing to be recognized.
  • Record Mode not returning to Play Mode for a track when looping.
  • Any entered track values (default, min, max) were being reset to default values when duplicating or re-opening a project.
  • ArtNet values failing to play upon looping within a track.Mis-representation of shaded areas outside of the play ranges when switching between shows.


Version 1.0.11 Release Notes: 

New Features:

  • Drawing tools for timeline editing and content creation (analog & digital): 
  • Catalina sidecar support for Apple Pencil drawing and sliding.
  • Digital content tools: Drag to create digital state status change in the on or off duration within envelopes. 
  • Analog content tools: Draw to create, modify or interpolate between envelope data. Combine with powerful right click and envelope optimization tools for our fastest workflow yet! 
  • Output test and adjust during setup (sliders and test buttons to eliminate guess work while adding hardware I/O
  • Improved zooming and scaling during editing
  • Streamlined labeling process during setup 
  • Network status check icons 
  • Quick capture keyboard shortcuts
  • Stream Deck support/templates

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue during DMX record from digital input fixed
  • Mirroring improved
  • Improved Ease-in for show transitions (lighting and analog motion control)
  • Dark mode improved support
  • Upload to ProCommander® AX 
  • Fixed group naming
  • Fixed group fold/unfold
  • General bug fixes and improvements
  • Update for addressing in ProCommander® Units to address DMX output change. 

Production release version 1.0.6: 

New Features:

  • Includes support for all Weigl devices 
  • Includes show export and upload 
  • Requires dongle for unlocked use. Contact Weigl sales for more information:
  • Alternatively, requires App Store subscription (when available in your region)
  • Combined slide editing tool for re-position audio and animation data
  • Mirrored outputs for virtualization and repeat movements/data - data virtualization
  • Visual device setup and live input log and capture 
  • Ini show logic builder for fast show exports
  • ArtNet timeline recording, with multi-universe editing tools
  • MTC/Network timecode sync during timeline use and export
  • Data visualization and routing methods
  • Various bug fixes and improvements 
  • In app updating and version checks

Input quick setup and scaling: 

New! Visualized device and routing setup: 

Showforge in action w/Characterview add-on software: 

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