The WEMScript™ language is a powerful way of interacting with show data generated from ConductorPro™, VenueMagic SC+® or Showforge™, while allowing complete logic routines to remain isolated from these creative elements.  Use these commands to craft a unique interactive show start method, or write an entire game logic system to directly control our hardware. 

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Download via World4You* (Austria/ Europe):

WEMScript™ ASCII-Command List


Download via Dropbox* (US):

WEMScript™ ASCII-Command List

Download Extension for Microsoft Visual Studio Code: 

WEMScript™ - Visual Studio Extension

When using Visual Code Studio and the related extension for Weigl ASCII, code can be rapidly completed and checked for correct syntax: 

Complete and edit text rapidly, while checking against our cloud updated database of new commands for proper syntax: 

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