CondcutorPro™, VenueMagic® ShowForge™  and ProCommander® PHX or better devices offter frame accurate syncronization to SMPTE LTC timecode thorugh internal readers and external RCA audio connections. SMPTE timecode can be read or generated from most of our timeline applications or the Weigl Hardware Configurator. It is assumed that you have an advanced knowledge of the Weigl hardware and your timeline editing software (ConductorPro™, ShowForge™ or VenueMagic®). You should also have a SMPTE generation application or audio file handy to follow allow with this video. 

  • Triggering the ProCommander® LTC Video player 
  • Loading videos through USB import on the video player
  • Listening to and releasing from SMPTE timecode 
  • SMPTE timeout
  • Configuration of SMPTE port in VenueMagic® or ConductorPro™ 
  • General SMPTE/Weigl Basics