From single track animated shows, to multiple languages and multi-track editing, CondcutorPro now provides full audio editing and mixdown without the use of external software editors. Learn these basic concepts for creating and editing your shows, as well as how to export and assign tracks and levels to external device deployments. It is assumed that you have already viewed all basic CondcutorPro navigation tutorials and have local audio files ready for editing while following along with this tutorial. Polyphony, extended media server audio operations and the ProComander LTC devices are addressed in additional videos. 

Topics Covered: 

  • Device export and audio muxing
  • Track level editing and export 
  • Real-time mixing and local audio card assignment
  • Audio device setup 
  • Creation and layout of ProCommander® devices within a show architecture
  • Overall ConductorPro™ track assignment layout 

Recommended for Intermediate users who have viewed ConductorPro™ 2.0 Basics and Layout videos and who are running 2.0.5058 or newer