Mackie MCU Pro/Behringer Universal Control Surface Templates/Drivers:

Attached for ConductorPro™, templates for using Mackie Control mode on either the Mackie MCU-Pro, or Behringer Universal Control Surface(s). Drivers do vary by software package, but at minimum, each support the following: 

  • Flying faders 
  • Touch-sensitive punch-in/out
  • Jog shuttle wheel
  • Transport controls 
  • MIDI mapped digital touch buttons 

VenueMagic (SC+ 3.0 or newer) also supports the following: 

  • SMPTE timecode display on seven segment output
  • Rotary encoders 
  • LCD display (limited features)
  • Additional recording feature conveniences

Additional features are always being added, particularly for the new Behringer consoles, so check back often. Please note, the CondcutorPro™ Mackie input preset is not required if you already have inputs mapped equal to or greater than the needs of the recording group preset. If you are starting fresh, please begin from the input preset listed below.  No template is required for Showforge™