Weigl Mobile Commander

Weigl Mobile Commander for iPhone and iPad

Mobile Commander provides a simple, drag-and-drop interface for creating customized Weigl hardware user experiences for both testing and production deployment. Configured to auto-detect any Weigl hardware from simple Pro I/O digital output modules to full 16 channel ProCommander® LX playback units, Mobile Commander begins by automatically adding what is needed from each Weigl device following a simple scan of your network. The drag-and-drop template interface allows for analog, digital, serial, messaging and other commands to be added with ease. User interfaces can be further customized through color selections, user defined fonts and transparent PNG support for background images.

In addition to Weigl hardware, the Mobile Commander controls can be used to send custom commands to any other system or networked hardware capable of receiving UDP messages.

Once a project is complete, share any control panels with users through Airdrop, email, Dropbox, iCloud and more. Multiple panels can be configured on a single device, giving the user museum or park-wide access to your Weigl Hardware devices from a single interface. Projects auto-scale across all iOS devices, providing easy deployment to maintenance or operations staff from a single interface layout.

Weigl Mobile Commander DMX for iPad

Weigl Mobile Commander Settings