The Variables tab of Weigl Hardware Configurator provides the ability to display custom titles for each variable on a ProCommander®. The custom titles are read from a special comma-separated value (.csv) file, which the user must first create and place on the microSD card in the ProCommander®. The following procedures describe the steps needed to create the file and view the custom titles in Configurator.

Creating the variable.csv file:

The custom titles file is a standard comma-separated value file that pairs each custom title with the variable number it should be associated with. This file MUST be named variable.csv, and is copied to the root directory of the microSD card placed in the ProCommander®. The easiest way to create this file is with any standard spreadsheet application that supports exporting as a .csv (Excel, Google Sheets, etc.).

  1. Create a new blank spreadsheet in your application of choice, or open the sample variable.csv file attached to this article.
  2. The first column of the sheet will contain the variable numbers you wish to assign custom titles, one per line. It does not matter in what order you put the variable numbers. You only need to include the numbers you are assigning titles, and make sure you only include each variable once.
  3. The second column of the sheet will contain the custom title to be applied to the corresponding variable number in the first column. Titles should be kept short, as they will be clipped in the display if they are too long. The exact possible length before clipping occurs depends on the display resolution and window size of the computer running Configurator.

    Your sheet should look something like this:
    Left Arm
    Right Arm

  4. When you have finished adding variables and titles, export or save your document as a .csv file named variable.csv. See the documentation for your spreadsheet application for details on how to do this. The file MUST be exported or saved as a standard comma-separated values file, NOT as the standard file type for your spreadsheet application.

Using the variable.csv file:

  1. Save a copy of your variable.csv file to the root directory of your microSD card, then place the card in the ProCommander®.
  2. Locate your ProCommander® in the Weigl Hardware Configurator application and click on the Variables tab.
  3. Check the box labeled 'Load Titles From File". Your custom variable titles should be displayed.
  4. If "File not found!" is displayed in the message console, there may be an issue with your file. Confirm that the file is named variable.csv, and that it is located in the root directory of the card inside the ProCommander®.