This project consists of one show, which plays an ambient sound in loop mode.


If a push button is triggered the ambient sound should fade to a lower volume level. After the release of the pushbutton the volume should fade back to the volume level, which is set within the ProCommander®.

The command !cfmX<Y# will fade the volume within a certain time span, whereby X is the level of the volume and Y is the time in seconds.

The content of the Control.ini file looks like this:





1st line: After the first second by switching on the device or inserting the card (!tm00:01), the first show (001_SHOW.WM1) will start in loop mode (!rsnl1).

2nd line: If input 1 is closed (!i1c), the level of the volume will fade to level 8 within 13 seconds (!cfm8<13).

3rd line: If input 1 is open (!i1o), then the current volume level will fade back to the level which is set in the ProCommander® within 27 seconds (!cfm32<27).



If you are using a ProCommander® PHX or a ProCommander® LX you have to add a ":" and the number of the audio channel after the !cfmX command.
For example if you want to change the volume of the second audio channel with a fade the command have to look like this !cfm28<10:2#!