Eliminating Overlapping Data - VenueMagic SC+

VenueMagic allows overlapping and stacking timelines for the purpose of dynamic and interactive show lighting playback. In order to do this, you would need to isolate your channels from independent timelines from overlapping and over-riding themselves. 

1). Do not mute tracks within unused channel ranges if you intend on stacking timelines from the PC playback or the card. 

2). Instead, delete the track and header assignment so that the channels do not physically exist in the timeline. 

3). Burn the show to an SD card if required. 

Upon completing this download, your DMX channels will run independently from each other. 

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Very helpful tip, I learned this the hard way when trying to import a show (.wm1) created over VenuaMagic SC+ onto ConductorPro. ConductorPro would overlap the tracks even when they appeared muted or Lamp off on VenueMagic SC+.

Thanks Mike.

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